MILLENNIUM CLUTCH Warranty’s its product against defects in manufacture during its normal service life.  MILLENNIUM CLUTCH is not liable for deterioration of the clutch caused by improper or negligent fitment, or due to abnormal driving conditions, or from any other cause other than that stated above.  MILLENNIUM CLUTCH is not liable for any consequential losses arising out of failure of its clutch, any liability in terms of its warranty’s being strictly limited to the supply of replacement clutch parts only.

By their very nature, clutches wear out. The more aggressive the operation the quicker the friction materials wear out.  For this reason MILLENNIUM CLUTCH does not guarantee the clutch against wear except when it is caused by manufacturing defects.  We only fit top quality friction material, which provides long, trouble free clutch service.

Flywheel surfaces become grooved and hard spots are generated during extreme operating conditions of a clutches life cycle. Our warranty therefore becomes void if the flywheel surface is not machined to specification before our product is fitted.

MILLENNIUM Clutches are supplied ready for installation and no adjustments are necessary.  Any adjustment made whatsoever to the clutch will invalidate the warranty.  This qualification does not apply to angle spring clutches where adjustment is part of the general maintenance schedule.


The following must be provided and presented to a Millennium Clutch representative, who will ensure the claim is forwarded to Millennium Clutch.

1. A copy of the purchase document, giving details of purchase/fitment date.

2. Make, model and year of vehicle to which the clutch was fitted.

3. The kilometers at which the clutch was fitted and removed.

4. A full description of the nature of the complaint.

5. Name, address and telephone number of the complaint (vehicle owner, garage, agent etc.)

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