Angle-spring Clutch Adjustment TATA
After clutch installation, check the clearance between the shipping washer and cover assembly cover for 19mm clearance. (See Illustration)
If the gap is not within these tolerances, the clutch needs adjusting. If the clutch does need adjusting, remove the lock strap and set the clearance between the shipping washer and the cover of the cover assembly to 19mm. THIS DIMENSION IS CRITICAL. DO NOT VARY - EITHER OVER OR UNDER THESE DIMENSIONS - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
Use the internal adjustment on the clutch to move the bearing. After tramping the clutch pedal turn adjuster clockwise P to move bearing towards transmission (to increase clearance) or counter clockwise Q to move the bearing towards the engine (to decrease clearance).
Once the adjustment is set, re-install lock strap.
REMINDER: The bearing must move a minimum of 1/2” (12.7mm) or clutch will not release. Eliminate lost motion before checking for 1/2” movement. Lost motion is generally caused by a faulty hydraulic release system.
Once the external parts are in tune with the clutch, record the measured amount of free-pedal movement in the vehicle log. This is the normal (standard) pedal travel for this vehicle. Then, if and when the clutch again needs adjustment, it should be adjusted back to this standard.
Example: If pedal travel standard is 2”, the clutch may need adjustment when wear has reduced it to about 1” of travel.

Clutches are adjusted at the factory to original equipment specifications, and should require very little internal adjustment to achieve proper release and engagement. The clutch must not be adjusted to accommodate thin or worn flywheels, yoke and/or cross shaft bushings, or to accommodate other drive train deficiencies. Adjustment for such purposes will either cause the clutch to not function properly or will cause early clutch failure, and will be apparent on factory inspection of warranty claims... and therefore will void the manufacturer warranty.

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